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Parents: College is an important transitional period in the lives of your children. We both understand and respect this and do everything we can to help ease your mind. We place a tremendous priority on doing everything we can to provide a clean, safe, environment, conducive to educational success.

Middle Aged Woman



We thought finding housing would be the hardest part of the college experience for our son. You've made it incredbly easy, efficient, and helped put our minds at ease.

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Proud Father

My daughter rented from Roo Rents for 2 years before she graduated from Akron. I cannot say enough great things about her living experience. The property she rented was well-maintained and recently renovated. It gave me peace-of-mind knowing she was living in a safe place. I would recommend Roo Rents for your students! Thanks for an all-around great student housing experience.


298 E. Thornton St. 

Previous Tenant

This is a 5 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom house. I lived here for two years and I have nothing but amazing reviews for the landlord that rented it out to us! It's pretty rare to find a landlord that replies fast, lives in the area, and is as understandable as Roo Rents is, which is why I don't have any problem making this post for them. There were times we would break something in the house, and within the next day, it was fixed. There was no begging and no fighting. 

Washer and Dryer included in the basement; both of which run very well! 


There's a large parking lot in the back of the house shared by only two houses, which means there's MORE than enough room for parking. In a lot shared between 10 guys, we never once ran into parking issues. 


There's a house across the street that sells Girl Scout Cookies and home-grown vegetables. 


Pets are discussed per lease along with weight restrictions and pet deposits. 

Overall I SERIOUSLY recommend choosing 298 E. Thornton as your house of choice to make yours if you're a student. This isn't the landlord making this post, it's a previous tenant who liked living there so much I offered to make this. 

Why We're Great >

As previous U of A students ourselves we understand the stress going to class everyday puts on you. That's why we make sure your home life is taken care of! 

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